Fredrik talks to Bartosz Milewski - programmer, writer and creator of mind-expanding presentations - about a wide range of things in the lands between mathematics and programming. Bartosz explains his increasing interest in mathematics, type and category theory and why he thinks mathematics and programming can and are coming closer together.

We eventually get to the topic of Bartosz’ talk last year, and perhaps the only way humans can understand things and how that affects what we discover. Perhaps even what we are able to discover.

Recorded on stage at Øredev 2018.

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  • I skipped a lot of slides
  • Something related to math
  • Pushed by external forces
  • What is fascinating to me at the moment
  • Tone down the category theory
  • I’m really comfortable with math
  • I discovered a whole new franchise
  • I read a few first sentences
  • The idea of category theory is not that difficult
  • Multiply and divide things for months
  • This gap between programming and math
  • (There is) A lot of commonality
  • How to split things and how to compose them
  • The science of composition
  • We humans have to structure things
  • The different ways of splitting things
  • Mathemathics is the future
  • Who wants to program in assembly language
  • Test-driven proof development
  • A lot of hand-waving in math as well
  • Mechanizing proofs
  • An outgowth of type theory
  • The only way we humans can understand nature
  • Life can only exist in a decomposable environment
  • Our brains work by decomposing things
  • Why would there be a simple solution?
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