Fredrik talks to Aaron Gustafson about web standards. His origin story, how he got into web standards. How the standards work and who should get involved. The problems with prefixes and how we use them.

This episode was recorded during the developer conference Øredev 2015, where Aaron gave two talks.

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  • You’re the web standards guy
  • Who falls into web standards and how does it happen?
  • Between midnight and 5 a.m.
  • Things were starting to stabilize a bit on the web
  • The only way to build a solid foundation
  • The web standards bug
  • Before coming to the web
  • In the trenches every day making web pages
  • Help make other specs better
  • Vendor prefixes have bitten us in the ass
  • We don’t experience the web the way everyone else does
  • I can’t believe I want them to make their ads more accessible
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