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We chat with Diego Rodriguez-Losada about the C and C++ package manager Conan. Where did it come from, where is it going, the philosophy behind it (very, very pragmatic) and how Tobias has put it to use at Plex. We also move on to package managers and build systems in general. Also: the interesting topic of being magical versus not.

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  • I was loooking for alternatives
  • We decided to try again
  • The perfect academic solution
  • Usually it’s a bash script
  • We know what kind of pain they go through
  • The community won’t move
  • We wanted to be hackable
  • When I wrote my own dependency system
  • A beautiful concept you can implement with generators
  • We all hate the syntax of cmake
  • Just an abuse of the system
  • The full devops world has to change
  • We know how to automate all the parts
  • A mistake by design
  • We are betting on that this is going to help us in the long run
  • We had four build systems
  • One of the reasons we wanted to switch is that it was horrible
  • I remember the gnashing of teeth
  • The pain is bigger than the investment
  • Being very magical
  • The magic eventually becomes a pain point
  • I’m opposed to magic
  • Freedom to shoot yourself in the foot
  • The biggest gun to shoot yourself
  • The domain was available
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