Recorded at Øredev 2018, Fredrik talks to Judy Rees. We start from Judy’s presentation Getting them to get it and discuss the challenges of really listening, communication, and the how the clean language technique can help you both understand others better, and get your own ideas across better as well.

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  • I would present you as a Jedi master
  • Jedi mistress
  • A master listener
  • As a result of paying attention
  • Listening has such a low status in the world
  • Don’t talk and don’t think about talking
  • It’s against our programming to pay complete attention
  • Paying attention is an active pursuit
  • A question is a much more precise tool
  • The nearest thing the FBI have to a Jedi mind trick
  • The tools to reason about conversation
  • See through the leaves
  • Enabling them to heal themselves
  • It’s designed for use with humans
  • People are really rubbish at saying what they want in all kinds of domains of their lives
  • Humanity is currently the limit
  • The modeling brain
  • Their model of David’s model
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