Fredrik discusses VR with Noah Falstein of the Inspiracy (and previously companies such as Google and Lucasfilm games). We talk about where VR is today, which platforms are good today and what might happen going forward. VR might be on the verge of a big breakthrough but there is still a lot left to be discovered, from ways of controlling experiences to entire new genres.

Recorded on stage at Øredev 2017.

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  • Nobdy had ever experienced that
  • I become a character in the computer?
  • A realtime, constant back and forth
  • A version that doesn’t allow you to do most of the fun stuff
  • It demos well
  • Still looking for the killer apps in VR
  • The grammar of VR storytelling
  • The Spielberg or Lucas of VR
  • An “of course” moment
  • Something came along and ate the flower
  • I’m tired of watching things eat eachother
  • The Pixar movies of 2020
  • Hard plastic is actually preferable
  • As scary as they need to be
  • A robot named Floyd
  • We were discovering entirely new genres
  • Put that house into VR
  • Page number 27: things you find in a kitchen
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