Fredrik chats with Craig Muth, creator of the more than slightly mind-bending Xiki about the past, present and future of this weird and wonderful evolution of the command line. Seeing Xiki in action is probably the best way to begin to grasp it, and Craig has created several great videos and screencasts.

We go all the way from Xiki’s beginnings as a framework inside of Emacs to its current state as a standalone companion to your normal command line, and its just launched Kickstarter to take the next step and become social by making it super simple to share and find commands. We also look further into the future, entering completely free-form speculation about where things could go both for command lines and user-extendable interfaces. (Yes, Hyper card and Opendoc both come up.)

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  • The command line is awesome when you know exactly what to type
  • All right, now I get it
  • Lost, but in a really exciting way
  • Make the command line work like a search engine
  • A missing piece in the command line
  • Making all the search results myself
  • It doesn’t take that many people
  • Riverdance with the horse and the banana
  • Now I get the one thing, but I don’t care
  • An idea whose time has come
  • Hey, that’s like a command line
  • Way back in Ohio
  • The power you get when you do remember the commands
  • The germ of Xiki
  • I’ve never been able to stop working on it
  • Users are so key
  • I could add something here!
  • Hey, this doesn’t exist yet!
  • In Ohio working at boring banks
  • This better work!
  • My friend Keith thinks I should move to San Francisco
  • Feeling comfortable in my skin for the first time
  • Escape gets you into more trouble!
  • People will fill in the gaps
  • Do for commands what Github did for code
  • Utterly freeform
  • This neat open thing
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