Fredrik talks to Kai Dombrowski and Malin Sundberg of Triple glazed studiosabout their new weather app Mercury weather.

Malin and Kai tell us how the app went from idea to release in a few short months, and why they will try not to pick the summer months the next time they start a new app. What was the release like, what was it like to be mentioned by John Gruber, and how did that change the bug reports?

Do people care about weather apps? Yes, they very much do! We also talk weater API:s, easter eggs, and a whole lot more.

We wrap up with some chat about Fredrik’s recent (lack of) Mac devlopment, the right phone size, and this year’s Iphones in general.

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  • Malin only brought me as an excuse
  • Essentially one screen
  • Our favorite weather app
  • A heat warning in Vancouver
  • So many people care
  • When are raindrops expected
  • Best beta period ever
  • I really care about the weather
  • Sydney has weather
  • A lot more of an emotional response
  • Before we were developers
  • Wait two seconds, and ask again
  • A frownie in the northern hemisphere
  • Dismiss an app in different directions
  • A good direction for UI design
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