Fredrik chats with Tommy Maloteaux, developer of VR god game Deisim. Tommy tells us where the inspiration came from, how he started developing the game, the tools he’s used, and more. Deisim has been developed most of the time as an early access game with a active community of players contributing heavily to the process.

Also discussed are the problems of 2016, and the advantage of not knowing too much when starting.

Since we recorded, Oculus has released App lab - a feature which makes it possible to buy and try Deisim and many other games right inside the Quest headset, without the need of sideloading or other complicating processes. The VR future is full of exciting things!

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  • A third-party app store for VR
  • A really early adopter of VR
  • Sit down in the middle of the world
  • The world spreads out around me
  • Play with small toys
  • Always room for expansion
  • Especially in 2016
  • It was not the case in 2016
  • It can be considered a game
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