Recorded at Øredev 2019, Fredrik talks to Stephanie Gasche, who decided to use her skills from the agile software development world to make the larger world better.

Stephanie started thinking about wanting to make a positivt impact, and how in many consulting jobs you can give a lot without getting to see a big-picture impact of your work. The refugee movement in 2014-2016 made her realize this was an area where she could make an impact. She started working helping refugees arriving in Austria, and eventually realized something really missing was one good single starting point for refugees.

We also discuss why there are so few people doing similar things. It’s hard to get funding in general, and even harder if you don’t fit in specific enough slots that might have specific funding. Also: slow processes.

Also: how hitch-hiking can change the world.

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  • Making an impact, in any way I can
  • Making an impact on people’s lives
  • I rolled into the agile world
  • Knowledge never ends
  • I was doing everything for other people
  • I thought I was going to write a book
  • How hitch-hiking can change the course of the world
  • It was a new situation
  • Democracy moves a bit slower
  • We use what we know for a situation that has never happened before
  • I think I can actually help
  • Full-time from the inside
  • Lots of interesting press
  • Being the glue
  • A very agile approach
  • We can’t really fail
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