Recorded at Øredev 2019, Fredrik talks to Carmen Medina about affecting change in organizations. Carmen used to work at CIA, and talks about her work there as a heretic, working to affect changes at a theological level.

How can you get your ideas implemented without being in a position of power?

How can you sneak ideas through side doors?

Why might you consider digging into the beaurucratic sides of the organization?

And what do tug boat pilots have to do with all this?

Finally, we touch a bit on the challenges of promoting diversity and diversity of thought. Does your organization have a working agreement on how to disagree?

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  • Puerto Rican by birth and Texan by nationality
  • A big formative influence
  • A veteran of the CIA
  • I was a heretic at CIA
  • How to be a successful heretic
  • Be a good thinker
  • I was arguing theological change
  • What made me try again
  • There is no silver bullet that fits all shoe sizes
  • Befriemd the beaurucratic black belts
  • Tug boat pilots
  • Learn to be a better beaurucrat
  • Make your idea community property
  • Creating a climate where new ideas are always welcome
  • How do we disagree?
  • The nice, orderly process of disagreement
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