Fredrik talks to Nolan Lawson - web performance expert, Mastodon instance maintainer, creator of a highly accessible Mastodon web client, and more. We discuss, among other things, the joys of distributed social media, where unlike centralized places like Twitter nobody can stop innovation when it comes to clients and interfaces and ways of use. Nolan talks about how and why he built Pinafore - his Mastodon client. We touch on the different experiences people have and want out of social media, digital wellness, and how caring about performance cam be an act of empathy.

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  • I was really excited
  • Falling in and out of it
  • Tweets are toots
  • The goal of a lot of web standards
  • I really mistrust a library
  • I believe in the open web
  • Eugene had already thought about this
  • Mixed degrees of success
  • My preference is single column
  • She’s on weird Mastodon
  • It’s all kind of cacophonous, but it’s beautiful at the same time
  • Every component has a bit of Svelte in it
  • It’s really based on empathy
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