Recorded at Øredev 2018, Fredrik talks to Steve Klabnik about Rust and Webassembly. We talk a lot about error messages, based on Steve’s talk on how Rust handles and displays error messages. We discuss Rust’s error messages thinking an handling, but also error messages more in general, such how to think in order to produce error messages both developers and end users have a chance of understanding. Steve explains how and why the Rust compiler is switching from a pass-based compilation approach to a query-based approach to better facilitate partial recompilation upon smaller code changes. We also talk about Rust 2018, how Rust puts out new releases and what major features are on their way.

We then switch to talking about Webassembly. We discuss how Webassembly is moving along, among other things how it is getting better at playing well with others, enabling people to rely on Webassembly code without necessarily even needing to know about it.

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  • Something that should not be an afterthought
  • Hard actual work
  • What messages to give or how to give them
  • Any error message that’s confusing is a bug
  • Git blame always returns your own name
  • The internal deadline is tomorrow
  • The harder problem
  • The real test of being usable
  • More useful to more people
  • Broader than just the DOM
  • A host can do these things
  • The design is sort of not there
  • We need more teachers and explainers
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