Recorded at Devsum 2019, Kristoffer and Fredrik talk burnout and more with Heather Wilde. Sometimes you really need the right kind of abrasive person in your life, or keep being that annoying friend to someone else. Heather shares some of her own experiences with burnout, breaking free from notifications, and tips for dealing with stress. Spoiler: it doesn’t have to be yoga!

Last but not least, Heather tells us a bit about Antarcticonf, the conference at the end of the world.

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  • Based on the stress-level of the crowd
  • The more important skill
  • My team was very concerned
  • Your brain is so happy
  • (My phone on) do not disturb for four years
  • The bully becomes the victim
  • My average is three hours per week
  • What they feel is urgent is not urgent at all
  • Google will read through it
  • Follow your urges
  • We need to interfere here
  • Keep knocking on their door
  • Keep being that annoying friend
  • The paranoia of the remote worker
  • We were on the same boat
  • When your parent dies, it’s a thing
  • Clinical signs of burnout
  • It’s not yoga
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