Fredrik talks to Woody Zuill, writer of the book on mob programming, facilitator of happy teams and thoughtful teller of stories. Woody talks about how he and his team discovered mob programming, how it is evolving, how focusing on the good is the way forward, and how he may have aquired his mindset. Recorded on-stage at Øredev 2018.

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  • I think of myself as a software developer
  • Trying to make a better work environment
  • I don’t believe we can manage people
  • This time of year seven years ago
  • Purely by accident
  • Sitting and thinking at the keyboard alone
  • One member who’s not there
  • Five or six people programming
  • Opening different doors
  • If you open a door, there’s a good chance somebody will welcome you in
  • Superconnectors
  • One of those connector things
  • Oddly, it is working for us
  • Purposeful stumbling
  • I stopped looking for solutions to problems
  • A habit we need to build
  • I just went ahead and did it
  • I’ll discover stuff if I just try it
  • We follow the path that develops in front of us
  • Your job is very important
  • He was extending trust to me
  • These things are not related
  • A gentle way to think about our lives
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