Fredrik talks to Dan Lebrero, long-time Java developer turned Clojure developer, REPL-user, efficiency-thinker and more.

We discuss the wonders of REPL-driven development, and how it works. Dan opens Fredrik’s eyes somewhat to the possibilities and how they happen. The REPL can complement TDD, and also probably kill test writing for those not completely test infected.

We also discuss finding good tools, learning them, and of course building your own tools. Have you learned Bash as well as it deserves?

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  • I’m just a regular guy
  • Out of desperation I looked at Clojure
  • I remember the day that I gave up on Java
  • It was a very long walk
  • The fastest feedback loop that I know of
  • It’s a long loop
  • The exploration phase
  • Keep modifying your running application
  • You are already done
  • A proper IDE in your dev tools
  • It just happens, and it’s immediate
  • The immediate feedback loop
  • I never misplace a parenthesis
  • I never have to select things by hand
  • I’m not sure what I’m missing
  • Little automation tools for yourself
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