Tobias and Fredrik talk to Erez Zukerman, CEO and co-founder of Ergodox EZ, creators of the ergonomic mechanical keyboard of the same name. Tobias is a fan and user since a while back, and Erez tells us about why you decide to make a keyboard, how you manage to ship hardware on time the first time, how things are going and a little bit about what’s in store for the future of Ergodox EZ. We wrap up with a few listener questions. If you have more, just send them to Erez or us, we will grab any reasons to talk even more about keyboards! Thanks a lot for taking the time Erez!

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  • Me wanting a keyboard
  • A lot of money for me to pay for a box of parts
  • Ortholinear and bowl-shaped
  • Just because it was cool and expensive
  • I went from being able to type 120 words per minute to being able to type 10
  • The full strange experience
  • My first foray into hardware
  • We shipped on time
  • Go with the right partner
  • The interests are aligned
  • Extreme transparency
  • Each keyswitch is a moving part
  • We’re sorry, we have an enormous lead time
  • Thousands of keyswitches which we can’t use
  • Big enough to get Cherry’s attention
  • I’m still emotional about that
  • Developing software is my refuge
  • Such a gangster name for a keyswitch
  • Like typing on popcorn
  • The key pushed the socket out of the PCB
  • Direct support from the plastic
  • Just like you pull a tooth
  • Be genuinely nice
  • Favor-driven development
  • A number of frantic pairing sessions
  • I’m not looking for the hockey stick
  • We’re not great for everyone
  • We make it in an office building in Taiwan
  • We pay models to hang out with the keyboard
  • I don’t try to convince you
  • I give you the facts and I trust you
  • Geeking out with keyboards
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