Recorded at Øredev 2017, Fredrik talks to Marco Ceccione about the ZX Spectrum, positive hacking (the only kind there is!), the benefits of getting closer to the metal and finally balancing coding and management.

Marco is an engineering manager at Toptal. Before that, he worked at Stack overflow, where, among other things, he wrote object-oriented assembly to solve real-wold problems on a huge scale. Yes, that’s a real thing, discussion and links explains it all.

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  • I was presenting this very very old computer
  • Take the train and go to Milan
  • Disassembling code by hand
  • A very hands-on period
  • Supremely hackable
  • First repair it, then write some software for it
  • Object-oriented assembly
  • Ultimately, you have to code for the machine
  • Hacking is always positive
  • If they break, we don’t fix them
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