Recorded at Gothenburg startup hack 2017, a little celebration of being social around coding. Fredrik chats to first Erik Thorelli of the Gothenburg Sketch & design meetup, then Erik Larkö of the Bring your own project Gothenburg group. Topics stretch from what Sketch is and what it can do for you, over group recommendations, to side projects, where to find ideas and how to get over whichever obstacles we put up in our minds to playing with new things.

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02:19: Sketch & design with Erik Thorelli 22:01: Bring your own project with Erik Larkö


  • Two Eriks
  • Not so cluttered as an Adobe app
  • Visualizing what the heck you’re trying to build
  • I spend ten minutes adjusting the battery level
  • DevUX
  • Can I use it for something?
  • Maybe you’ve never designed anything before
  • Appealing, even for me
  • Faster than fiddling around with CSS
  • It helps reduce waste
  • A caricature of a designer and a developer
  • Asymmetrical pair programming and designing
  • A compiler for design
  • Feels weird, but in a good way
  • Semi-empty Github projects
  • I want my Github page to be cool
  • Why do you want to be John Cleese?
  • Dare to fail
  • Be a good person
  • I don’t think I’ve ever finished a project
  • Where do you get your ideas from? I steal them
  • Expose yourself to ideas
  • The world doesn’t need another Pong game, but you need to write a Pong game
  • Developing as a developer
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