Fredrik talks to James Turnbull of Kickstarter, Docker and several other companies. Topics range from switching between types of companies and solutions to writing books, documentation and contributing to software in ways other than code. Of course, we also discuss Docker, whether it’s succeeded in various ways and where it might be going. Who should be thinking about Docker? How to start thinking about it? Where do you start picking on your monolith to start bringing it into the container future?

This episode was recorded during the developer conference Øredev 2015, where James gave a presentation on Orchestrating Docker.

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  • A lot of similar paralells
  • The unit of the container
  • A unit of compute
  • I want my code to run somewhere where it makes me money
  • A new way of thinking about architecture
  • On the periphery of the monolith
  • Useful information trapped in the heads of smart people
  • My commits tend to be more documentation than code
  • Aspects of being an engineer
  • A higher level of tolerance and precision
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