Fredrik talks to Rachel Reese about F#, Xamarin, the the MIT study (on diversity, sexism and career for women faculty at MIT) and related topics. We also cover good communities and being allowed (by yourself and others) to be a beginner.

This episode was recorded during the developer conference Øredev 2015, where Rachel gave two talks.

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  • Some big American conference
  • I figured out what a script file did
  • I’m definitely not advanced
  • I just sat there amazed
  • The magic grandfather
  • It’s a lot of little things
  • It could have been like this all the time
  • A natural next step
  • A perceived lack of support
  • A discriminated union
  • I love to hate Xcode
  • Surely it’s slow?
  • Release the Herrup
  • Package it in a view and pretend it’s native
  • Exactly like the study said it would
  • Do I want this now?
  • The most depressing thing I’ve ever heard
  • Too senior to be encouraged anymore
  • To be allowed to be a beginner again
  • They thought I had been speaking
  • People still want me to speak, apparently
  • There has been progress everywhere else
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